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First and foremost, Shaun is a storyteller.


Shaun's unique voice and creative expression in his work have furnished him with multiple industry awards & nominations and over 70 IMDb-verified film and TV credits, as well as garnering the respect of his peers and clients, alike.
















An award-winning writer, producer, director, SAG-eligible actor and experienced video editor, Shaun knows what it takes to get a motion picture off the ground. Through his production and post-production experience, he also knows how to keep it on its feet and, more importantly, make it to the screen.


Through his production company, Picto Films, Shaun works as an entrepreneurial filmmaker. He is also available on a "for hire" basis in any aspect of the production lifecycle.


Shaun also believes in "giving back and paying forward" and supports a number of non-profit organizations, including Compassion International, Hope For Paws (an animal rescue charity), The National Suicide Prevention Hotline and Pets for Vets, an organization that adopts, trains and places shelter dogs with U.S. Veterans who are struggling with post-combat issues.  


Through his work, he also supports emerging writers, students of film and actors through seminars, workshops, practical opportunities and public speaking events.

Stories give us a window into a world wider than our own. They play with our emotions in a way that no other pretend set of circumstances can.

Shaun Peter Cunningham

Shaun Peter


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Creative Director

Picto Films




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2013 Official Winner

Best Television Drama


"This award is a testament to Cunningham's talent, storytelling ability and artistic vision."

JOHN VINCENT, Executive Director

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Producer | Writer | Director | Cinematographer | Video Editor | Actor